Weapons Crit Failures Higher Than Usual

I don’t know about anyone else, but some faction mates and I have been having a lot more failures than usual crafting weapons with crit terries. Almost all have failed all of our weapons since the last update to the game. I understand that we can’t hit crit success all the time, but our faction has had maybe 2-3 successes within the last month with over 30 people crafting 3-4 times a week. I haven’t had a success in over a month crafting 3-4 times a week. Have the crafting crit success been nerfed? Is this a bug with the last update? What happened? @GR.Scopely


Me and my faction hasn’t had any significant drops in critical successes. I think this is just an area where bad RNG spawns conspiracy.


Funny thing is that I got my 2nd crit ever today, and I usually have terrible luck with crafts.


I tried for Stun on lucille (30 crit basic) about 25-30 times and still bonus crit or bleed. Never had to try so many times to get green stun… I have my own theory about this but…keep on surviving :raised_hand:


The same here. The weapons of Holly and Marlon did not gain critical success 4x in a row.

Kind of disappointing to not see 100% of responses agreeing with me since that would most likely mean a bug LOL.

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It’s Earls fault. #BlameEarl.


Sometimes its specific weap, like months ago I tried red stun on deagle almost 20 times and all non crits even w both crit tts. Then I tried on that smg and it got stun 1st time. Keep rotating weapons for craft, hope it helps you

edit: updated to show the image i made from the Meme’s thread


Too funny

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Only funny if it loads xD

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Earl can either turn duct tape and a polishing kit into a scope, suppressor, foregrip, and 40MM underbarrel attactchment… or he can throw it into a fire and laugh at you for a day and 12 hours. Guess which one is his favorite.


Just click the link you lazy arse

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I think is based on the other stats of the weapon.
For example if your basic stat for a weapon is +30 critic you have less chances to get another epic stat for that weapon.
Same happened to me.



You’re saying you aren’t getting your desired result? Because that is different than your weapon “failing” crafting.

Did they not get the critical success that you wanted? Or not at all. Some people don’t realize that most the time you get a critical success its just not the desired one. Ive had many crit success this month just not what i wanted. Theres a difference


Pushing the cringey hashtags and comments aside

There is nothing wrong it just the rng not favoring you into getting that stun , impair or absolute defense


Nothing for Holly and Marlon. Only success

I have a record of my weapon crafting since we have been able to level up to 150 and it is exactly 50% critical success, so this is a drop of 30% over a long period, support says nothing has changed, but i do not believe them, and obviously I only craft when we have both crits and use duct tape and polishing kits