Weapons crafts a joke

New weapons. U got to be kidding. 2 crafts failed back 2 back with crits and gear, 2 blow torchs, over 100 k in league points, and 2750 gold. Wasted. And it was just trying to put ar boost on a 5 star weapon. Starting to believe its time to put down the game. There’s no excuse for this, Just a warning. The success of weapon crafts is worse then pulling at supposed ( 2%)


What about success boosts? Did you have those?

That’s what costed me over 100k in league tokens the successfull gear is in leagues store

I think he meant the territory bonuses…


Indeed, sun fire and strip mall…my bad I failed to mention Tt ur right I’m sorry. I haven’t fail a ar boost. In months. I normally get a large or a very large bonus to ar when attacking/ defending . I used special success items bought in the store and I went for a ar boost while attacking on a 5 star weapon. Failed 2 x used all my rss I’m now set back further then I was when I started. With no blow torchs n no league points. Again just a warning.

If you use grease it’s 100% success rate so not sure what you mean by failed back to back… Did you just not get the crit result you wanted? If so welcome to crafting


You thought based on the previous crafts that 5* would be a good deal for coins? They have and always will be a complete waste of money, it’s meant to be a bottleneck to sell weapons

This was going to be my question. I don’t have grease yet so does it actually say 100% or show the bar full?

And what kind of fail are we talking about success but no critical or no success at all?

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Both, shows full bar and 100%, just like 4* weapons did regarding success rates… Crit is 80% with varnish and TTs

Thank you, good to know

U getting slick out the mouth isn’t helping ur future crafting sly. Or anyone eles. This was to warn people ar boost before upgrading to 5 star, also. Failing back to back with both critz n matz gives u what? Ar boost failed . Hell I’d been happy with a small ar boost but nothing 2x. Something wrong with that and if that’s truly the way it is then this is the warning ur welcome. I’ve been playing for four plus years I know how crafting works and I know failed crafts are frequent. Only cost me a bunch of rss to learn this lesson

Question if you craft 5* can you still get crap results on a crit the same as 4* i.e. You don’t get the desired effect

Yes. This thread lists all the possible outcomes you can get for critical success.

They’ve updated it in-game to to actually show you all possible outcomes before you craft.

First 4 are success no crit then the rest are crit with the “best” one last


But I’m sure we will see loads of accounts with all 5 5* perfect weapons here by next war… meanwhile we cant make 1 crappy one.lol

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how tf did u spend 2750 coins and not use a grease for 100% success? Lmfaooooo. I mean how tf did you spend 2750 coins on this at all??? lmfaoooo some people here i swear ahahah

I tried two times focused stun. 100% success and 80% crit. Both normal crafts… this 80% is a joke…

focused stun is like getting stun before. probably 1 out of 10 or worse. it’s not just getting a crit, it’s getting the best rare crit.

not meant to be easy, and should take a long time. i like it.

The 80% is probably a display bug. Our best guess of the actual percentage is 45.5%


But now im talking only about crit effect, not stun. Two crafts in a row with 80% and not even bonus def.
But im leaving bonus hp and crafting huge ap, will see.

Agreed defo