Weapons components


I would like to know when we put the items for crafting weapons in the case (Silver Tape and Polishing Kit) in the case of Silver and rap, it serves for the right success; and the polishing kit serves to give the critic, most of the time the weapon manufactured only from success and not criticism, I would know in a gun if I put only the polishing kit, the weapon it will fail or always going out with criticism. Well, I’ve been trying to defend myself for more than 2 months and it does not come at all, even taking the 2 critical territories, can anyone tell me if with just the polishing kit comes the absolute defense, I’m waiting for answers


Even thou I could not understand what you are saying am just going to guess that you are having trouble with getting special stat weapons to hit crit success for you to get things like absolute defense, stun, impair, ECT. All anyone can tell you is to keep trying till you get them and yes always use both duct tape and polishing kit while making sure you have both crit Territories for the 30% boost. My advice is to spread out what you want and not keep repeating for the same attempt at a mod, while it may take you 20 trys to get Absolute defense it can take you only one or two attempts and you get stun or the other way around.