Weapons brag thread


Weapons brag thread! Brag about your coolest weapons, or latest critical success! I’ll start:

Been trying to get special mod weapons for months. I’m sure I’ve used 50+ PK/DT, and the best weapon I’ve managed to craft up till now has been this,

Not that it’s bad. It has served me well for months. :slight_smile: However, at the moment I’m on a bit of a hot streak in the armoury. Earl seems to be putting in the extra effort, so at the moment I have these 2 beauties cooking up their final mods.

Normally I have enough trouble getting Huge AP bonus, but this time I got it on both weapons first try! On the stun gun too!? Wow! Just… wow.

So, I’ve put them both in for %5 stat upgrades (touch wood) but even if my luck ends before then, I’m very happy. It’s my first stun gun.

Anyone else having crazy weapon success here recently?

Here I am bragging about one stun gun…



By some miracle got this on a third single pull yesterday morning. My first non-bound trait weapon so pretty pleased. (I’m about 40 deep trying for absolute so far)

Trying for Huge AP on it now.


I’m pretty stacked lol


When I started this thread, I really wasn’t expecting to get this REKT!

Nice job!


i like looking at other peoples weapons. ^^
very nice



AK didn’t quite work out perfect, but I’m very happy all the same.

Much happier with the Deagle. First stun gun and everything worked out perfect. :smile:


Since back in November Earl hasn’t been giving me much. I’ve had him crafting like crazy with a minimum of one crafting territory and PK+DT, but he never seems to come back with the critical success that I want. I even had an issue where crafting COMPLETELY failed even with DT+PK. Finally however, he has given me something brag worthy. I’m thinking I’ll give this to 6* Dwight when he’s ready.

Sure, I need to improve the atk %, but I’m pretty happy with that outcome. :grinning:


sone successes this past month after several months of nothing.


Taken me a while but finally got what I wanted for Ezek

Works a treat I do like guardian 2 :facepunch::facepunch:


Bunch of other fixed weapons too but I like my flexible options.


Just finished this weapon came out perfect for once


New avatar?


Ezekiel, Carl and Mirabelle weps :slight_smile:


6+ months before I get my first special weapon. 2 months later I get my second. How long until my third? The day after? REALLY!? :smiley: Cool!



I’ve held back from bragging…I know everyone will be so jealous… look away if you can’t handle this…


Darnit, I was going to do a Stun tree branch joke

Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha that’s the only thing I have on a 1 star. Waaaaay back, think I was like level 60. It’s all I had items to try on.


Got both specials on my 1st try believe it or not and also the only two really important specials I’ve done.