Weapon territory question - hs and wash increase crit?

Hi all.

I have always assumed SUCCESS and CRITICAL SUCCESS are two different things.

The duct tape guarentees success so I never bother with high school or Washington.

As the paint in the picture does not guarentee critical success I always get surefire and stripmall (obv. still not guarenteed)

Someone has told me high school and Washington can increase CRITICAL SUCCESS rate. Is that true?

No, only the ones that say increased crit success


You cannot get critical success without a regular succes first. But HS and Wash only directly impact regular success.


Your gonna roll another 3% using duct tape and crafting success territories.

Only grab critical success territories. Dont waste duct tapes trying for 5’s and 30’s.

You’d rather have it fail then roll a 3 or 24

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No, there’s many myths around the inner workings of Earl’s armoury

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Thanks all. In my region there’s a rule to take all 4 weapon territories :neutral_face:

I’m trying to convince them with duct tape you only need the crit ones

Only crit ones required really… anyone tells you different is getting Big Earls red hot poker

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Most people I know refuse to craft with HS and Wash. They should be optional to the agreement


To be honest, I have better luck when I don’t use Washington/ high school

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That is a stupid advice. Not using duct tape does not mean that failure and crit success are the only possible outcomes. Both rolls are independend. You can still have a 3 or 24 if you don’t use duct tape

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Keep at it. Waste your resources ;p

Have a ton of perfect weapons. I Don’t even complete the part map for duct tapes…

Most important items in this game is polishing kits, and spray paint.

Y’all forum ppl crack me me up.:wink:


lol. YOU are the one who wastes resources

And you would have a ton more if you’d have used tape

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3% and 24% weapons…gtfoh

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Stop spreading fake news. That isn’t how it works


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