Weapon stats question

Is anyone able to tell me what the ( 0/66 ) means on the far right?

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How much AP they have

That’s their current AP. They have 0, when they get to 66 they will be able to use their AR (if not confused/impaired/taunted)

Oh ok, thanks…a little weird they went out of the way to add that there like were gona pull that up to see our ap but ok

it’s always been there as we didnt use to have AP bars above the opponents toons head so couldnt see when they were about to rush it was a quick way to check out how much AP the defence team had tho I doubt anyone ever checked it

I didn’t that’s for sure

me either I just used to close my eyes and hope for the best


Again - coming late to the party here :partying_face:


Actually, it’s f_cking brilliant. Are your eyes good enough to discern the difference between a full bar and a 75/76 bar? Not always easy, espeicallly with all these symbols knocking around above the toons heads some which might even cover the bar.

Also, taking a gaurdian shield off gives the enemy 1AP. If you’ve ever snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory because you decided to use an attack to cleanse a gaurdian shield only to send that 75/76 to 76/76 then you’ll know having the exact value up there is awesome

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To each his own I guess

Better late then never

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indeed :slight_smile:

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