Weapon specials combined with specialist skills

Is it a bug( which I hope not ) for weapon specials like double attack, stun when attacking, splash damage , impair while attacking and life leech to be able to combine with specialist skills like neutralize, collateral damage, decapitate, hemorrhage, cut throat, and lightning reflexes? I’ve tested one example out for a faction mate with stun on attack and collateral damage and it didn’t combined with both procs happen(unless the wording of the weapon is keeping it locked to only one Target). Also I do remember in the days of both five star Barker and five star rostisa that it use to be when splash damage procs when they used their neutralize ability that it would splash impair too (which I loved that even though I was often on the receiving end of that) I really hope it’s something to reconsider if it is a bug I really loved it and make interesting ideas when considering teams and weapons.

Splash damage for neutralize was deemed a bug and fixed.

I think the specialist skill procs first, and then the wep skill

Maybe @CombatDevIl can clarify.

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It’s hard for me to believe that when they sat down and made both five star Barker and five star rostisa that scopely didn’t know what they was doing putting splash damage on neutralizer without knowing the effect it can have together. Kinda made more the reason to want them in your roaster because of that effect, I just want it to be a thing even if it is all a bug to me it felt like a good mistake imo.

@mountkay is almost right. Specialist Skills that can trigger by performing an attack (Neutralize, Execution, Confounding, Hemorrhage, …), only affect the primary target. Specialist Skills that can trigger by killing an enemy (Decapitate, Waste Not, Life Steal, …) trigger for all targets killed by that attack/AR.

@TwoDogg sometimes it can happen, Designers don’t code, Programmers do, in the feature description sometimes it can be overlooked by one of both sides and causes issues like that. However, I assure you we keep improving our work pipeline to prevent stuff like that.


In the case if alphas collateral damage hitting multiple on 2 hits Imo is a bit different then if she had impair on attack and it impaired all the enimies hit. Double attack is just 2 regular hits. Just like using dewhite with double attack weapon on his rush. It’s 2 regular hits and allows the weapon to also kick in. If he had impair on attack it would have 2 chances to hit that target with impair. An extra hit isn’t a weapon special like impair ect. I think neutralize on splash damage should possibly be reconsidered. It’s another way to build teams and using technoques. Unfortunately in this game there’s lots of things that have to be looked at to decide if it’s too much for the game. I think for most part most things are pretty fair. Yes there’s some things that could be better but I think having more ways to use weapons and specials makes it worth all the tapes and kits used for making the perfect weapon

If That were the case how would you draw the line, reflect damage for example, if the enemy had stun on def on there weapon could reflect damage trigger it?
How about collateral and impair/stun on atk would that work? there is far to much that could be exploited by weapon changes like this, if it isn’t broke don’t fix

Sorry just thought of the perfect one, reflect on damage vs reflect on damage it could end in cyclical loop which wouldn’t stop until one toon died

And u are entitled to your opinion

Same can be said for the specialist skill “waste not” and the toon having teammates revival (which btw is another one of those odd and oh won’t you look at that things when scopely created Shiva force Michonne and her teammates revival weapon) if you debuff a enemy characters and you kill a single Target and with the ability waste not you can also happen to kill two for the price of one but then at the same team you can revive two teammates with the teammates revival weapon if it procs. This teammates revival was fixed so it’s possible to revive more Then one when killing a enemy.

Damage reflect only procs on basic attacks, so damage reflect won’t proc on damage reflect.


Yeh I’m aware, but the point was not to edit the weapons around and keep the specials as is to stop scenarios like that happening, it was a reply to a person asking for splash neutralise and other weapon mods to work with other traits

Yeah I understand your point and respect that perspective it can be a lil all over the place but don’t you think it’s cool? Least I do. Besides all these effects if not most would still be either word locked (like Stun on attack) and RNG base. If people can run around with a double attack aplha critical weapon I don’t see the problem in this either.