Weapon Slots Full


I apologize if this has already been brought up but has anyone else noticed that when your roster is full you can no longer acquire characters from roadmaps, survival road … ect. But when your weapon slots are full you still get more weapons. Im not sure if this was intended or previously discussed but I have so many 1* weapons that just keep adding up it’s starting to get annoying. I know I can disassemble these weapons in my armoury but selecting over 2000 weapons is annoying with the current press-and-hold system. Anyone else notice this happening?


It depends how you acquire them. If my roster is full, I can’t get anymore chars from drops, but you can still get chars from roadmap rewards, crates, etc. Same as weapons, my weapons can be full but you can still add to it from opening tokens, crates, etc.

But if you mean that your weapons are full but you can still collect drops, that’s a bug then. I never seen that happen, the game tells me my weapon inventory is full and I just stop collecting weapons. Press and hold to disassemble should be too bad though…I do it in patches so go to disassemble screen, press and hold the first weapon type then disassemble, then press-hold second and disassemble, repeat. This is so you don’t have to keep swiping.


I clearly stated roadmaps and survival road, and i didn’t mention crates or tokens at all… I have almost 2000 weapons and I can do a survival road level and it will drop ingredients and weapons every time regardless of how many I have already


No, what you wrote was “roadmaps, survival road … ect.”

How are we to know what you mean by ect.? It’s etc. by the way.


You could start by addressing my direct questions first and instead of bringing up something not in the post. You can refer to the “…ect” last instead of focusing on assumptions. I posted about “roadmaps and survival” so they were clearly top priority.