Weapon slot 3 bonus attack?

Does 45% bonus attack apply to rush damage?

Nope only to basics sadly.

Don’t some toons do basic attacks? Or am I confused?
Why can priyas crit on rushes? Or Harper.
Why can they be effected by stuns with the rushes and or other things as well.
Guess it is the only toons I have noticed it on. Can single damage dealers crit on rushes as well?

Multi-attack rushes are pretty much multiple basic attacks in 1 action. They proc any effects that can proc on a basic attack, such as crit and weapon effects.

For the purpose of Payback, multi-attack rushes are still considered a rush despite being multiple basic attacks.

So only basic attacks and multi-attack rushes. Got it. Thanks

The bonus attacks by the turn does work for normal rushes, I think the max is 25 for 3 turns

I believe the 45% would add to multi attacks. Unless someone tells me I am wrong.

No , only Rush with multiple attacks

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