Weapon roadmap idea

I laughed after I thought of this but it could potentially be interesting.

A roadmap with a completion reward of a 1* weapon with a desirable mod. Like a red weapon with no upgrade slots, and only stun when defending on it. It would open these mods up to lower level players, while still leaving a lot to be gained from crafting at higher levels, when mods like +30% defense or +30 crit may be the edge you need.


Giving stun guns to everyone would just be… a terrible thing to think about.


lol that avi is throwing me off


Right, like it’s the accurate face he made when he thought of this lol

@Khronical why did you change it :joy:

@Andrea_Scopely said so and I’m too lazy to ask @kalishane @kalishane @kalishane for permission to use it. So back to Sparxx.

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