Weapon Parts Roadmap

Scopely, I’m hear to give you some props. In the last few weeks, you have been making some GREAT decisions:

  • Bruce Roadmap offered great gear and a chance to test out a new game mechanic before investment
  • Negan Roadmaps are finally giving us the medals we needed
  • In that same vein, the Tournament Road event was a great way to earn medals for ascendance too
  • Blitz Wars were fun – you should do more of them and less level up tournaments
  • War prizes were good this weekend. I’d still like to see ascendable characters, even older ones, but these were a step in the right direction
  • Wood nuggets and Broken Hearts were both great special collections – these sort of events should be regular ones
  • Finally, this weekend’s change to the premier recruits was a great event. 3* characters are meaningless in the new game economies, and I suspect you made a mint off the weekend’s sales. I know I spent an embarrassing amount of money.

Next, you should make the Weapons Roadmap a regular Monday event, every week. Consider that it drops the items to do TWO max bonus crafts, each of which lasts 1.5 days in the Armory if you go for a level 3 special. Most of the top players have reached level 125 now, which means no more easy access to tapes or kits by levelling up. Giving us the ability to do two crafts a week will hardly remove the need to farm weapons.

Having it appear once today is nice; but having it become a weekly event would be yet another step you could take towards restoring our faith in you.


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One thing that would be great is if they could give a crate containing 3 random weapon and one good weapon in it like tyreese machine gun (impair) or stun gun with war rewards instead of useless rewards. Everyone is trying to craft those weapon so a chance to get it with the crate reward would be appreciate. Make it happen!

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Maybe someone can formulate my idea with better words and share it to scopely

Who would complain about these?


wow the flag system is so broken… thanks dude


@kalishane please can you tell to the developpers 4 duct tape ( 1 is the result of finishing 2nd part ) with 15-20 cans used, with 2 loots toons + fortifed caban is too low if this event come back only every 2 monthes.

Impossible for honest players to fight against cheaters ( and they are happy to say it to us and you will never do anything against them ) as some there is in my region with all the ultimates weapon ( not so old region ).

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Are there any tips for farming this map? What stages do you guys usually run?

To be honest, best advice I can give is don’t.

The drop rate of PK or DT is so low that’s it’s not worth wasting the world energy on it, any other 4* parts that drop are craftable.

I reckon if you burned through 20 cans of energy you would probably only get one of either, at best.

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No. Screw scopely.

I don’t think its worth farming but it is possible. I did get an extra item from half of them just by using two drop leads on them. Good luck.

Great post @Milo. Couldn’t agree more with the points you brought up.

I have an idea for what they should do to make the 5 star tokens valuable again and that is to create a new wheel with just the f2p 5 star ascendable toons. Have this cost 10k for a pull. Then keep the existing wheel but lower the cost to 5k for a pull. This way it gives newer players a chance to start building a decent team and gives the vets an ascendable toon every war or two.


Anybody get any tape or kit drops?

I agree with this thread!

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Doesnt seem like you really read his post. He wasn’t thanking them for Bruce…he said the Bruce roadmap was a great decision.


But to the original post, it is great to see them doing a few things that address the issues everyone has been complaining about. Especially after the dud events in the last few months of 2017, anything in the right direction is welcome.

@Agrajag @CombatDevIl @CombatMan
Can you comment on whether the chances for a polishing kit and duct tape drop are higher in Act II than in Act I?

Seriously Scope? In our faction we have spend 200+ world cans. Together we come up to 10 DT / 8 PK.

+1 to Milos Post. That’s really a good idea.

finally got a kit to drop after wasting about 10 world cans after completion, oh well

Probably spend 15 cans for two additional duct tapes

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