*Weapon Parts* Road Map on Thursdays... where?

What happened to it?

Forgot to turn it on today @kalishane ?


I would love to see this roadmap today

seems like they are changing all the maps this week

In need of this map!

I don’t see it either, just more ultra gear road maps that Scopely decided to screw up.

They better have not taken this weapon parts road map away.


One can hope they moved it to another day instead of removing it completely.

Is it too much to ask for a schedule of the maps? For the love of God how they revel in keeping us in the dark with everything.


Let’s hope they delayed it or moved it to another day. It would suck so hard if they deleted it from the weekly schedule.


Could you kindly escalate this to the Live Ops team?

I think I remember reading that they can only have 7 maps live at any one time. So if they are running special events they cant always run the usual maps.

Which doesn’t matter because I can only see 6 at the moment.

The new update bumped it up to 20 daily.

Yes, we need our 1 day of farming for weapon parts this week!

Is it still Thursday PST?

Scopely initially did good by making this weekly. Now the new calendar shows it will be every 2 weeks.

What the heck Scopely???

It’s hard enough to farm for parts, but making it late, and now less occurring. Can you increase chances of Earl not screwing us up at least?

@kalishane this is not right. Why does Scopely enjoy screwing with us?

Yeah definitely preferred weekly but I like having weapon advantage over others. The flood of kits n tape make all that previous work less meaningful…

It’s OK I’ll go cry in my corner… =-(

Making it live for only 16 hours. Damn. Scopely hates making people happy.


@kalishane Weapon Parts road map were initially 48 hours once a week.

  • Then it was trimmed down to 24 hours once a week.

  • Now it was trimmed down again to 24 hours every OTHER week.

  • Today it was late by mistake and we are only given 15+ hours.

Your customers are getting short changed a lot. Can Scopely stop doing this to us?

No concessions either. At least maybe a small concession of lessening the world energy of 21 would be something that would at least appease your customers from everything being taken away from us.


Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t know of the old timeline!

I will share this feedback! TY TY.

Please do. And thank you

I noticed that the 4* parts map is in the daily section of the roadmap, but it has the golden book header(?) for the story missions
I know it doesn’t really matter, but I’m not sure if it should be in the story part of the map or if it should have the daily header

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Thanks Wrecks!! You’re right!

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