Weapon part map


Any reason why you took away weapon part drops? Bug or another payers first decision?


Player 1st decision all the way


If you mean the extra drops from running a drop lead its still there…

I have gotten 2 trigger asemblys and a steel blade as extras so far today.

With only a single drop lead not even double.


My map must be bugged then because I’m not even getting those crap drops, nor elite item tokens. No reason to farm the maps at all.


Same I haven’t been getting any drops whatsoever from the parts rm for weeks


Drops are fine for me and I’m using tokens


Drops don’t show up under “Possible Rewards” nor does anything drop when you actually run it. You must have a special Dedicated Player roadmap.


I’ve never had problems with extra drops. This is a ss from today’s map. I’m not sure what is wrong with yours.


It happens sometimes when you use tokens. Run dual drop leads and it should be ok.


I’ve been using double kennys/gators the whole time. No drops


Previous run was 200 elite item tokens and the stuff that dropped earlier.


Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll have it checked as soon as possible.


Thank you sir. It appears to be a bug that’s only affecting certain people (possibly certain regions?). I’m in Effingham if that helps. I actually just checked my alt account in Bryan region and I’m getting drops there.


Those are clearly different roadmaps. Because you can see they don’t have the same number of stages, otherwise they would stick out on the sides.


I don’t understand what you just said, but the screenshots I provided were to demonstrate that neither Acts I or II are dropping anything.

Confirmed with all my faction members in Effingham, nobody is getting drops on the weapon parts map.

EDIT: New screenshots, note how Act I also doesn’t have parts listed as possible rewards. Here you can clearly see I’m operating on the parts map since there is 21 energy required.


What I was trying to say is that the screenshot you showed and the screenshot someone else showed didn’t have the same number of stages. Which proved that the regions didn’t get the same roadmap. But those were different acts. I didn’t catch that.


the drops on this map have always been terrible, if you’re lucky enough to get one it’s probably something completely useless. after wasting way too many cans on it i’ve long since resorted to running it only once and hoping for a lucky drop on that solitary run.


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