Weapon Locking Feature


Could we get a weapon lock feature in the near future? It would be very similar to the already in place character lock.
I myself have a couple 1*/2* weapons that (although decreasing in value) have trait specials on them. I’d really hate to be auto selecting for disassembling and accidentally disassemble something I don’t want to.
The same scenario goes for 3*/4* weapons (I’m just usually more careful when selecting those.) It’s also useful when you’re going to reset/disassemble your 4* weapons.
These locked weapons would not even be shown when going to disassemble/reset so worrying about accidentally disassembling/resetting them wouldn’t be a problem.

Feature suggestion: Weapon lock

its a very nice idea.


Yeah I have been wondering about this as well.


Similar to the Character Lock feature, the possibility to lock weapons would be great! There have been many times I almost disassembled upgrades weapons I didn’t mean to disassemble. The long press feature is great, but even despite the warnings it may go wrong as some of my friends have told me (drunk disassembly is a thing lol).

I hope the dev team could consider this feature, to prevent frustrations of accidental disassembly, and thus the loss of valuable weapons.


I completely agree, as some people myself included, upgrade 1 and 2* weapons when low on tapes and kits. 1 and 2* weapons seem to have a greater success rate for special stats so alot have stuns, impairs, ect. When u long press tire irons, for example, it selects all of them upgraded ones included. I almost lost my 8% to all weapon that way, and happen to know several players who have actually done this. Weapons take a long time to craft and have low success rates, the same way toons are hard to aquire and take time and resources to level so a lock feature would be amazing!


This was suggested so many times… can’t understand why we still can’t do it…

Few days ago the last time…


this was suggested many times in the previous forums, id even made a thread about it too, but like my predecessors, was ignored. this is a very key requirement imo