Weapon Leon ?!?





wtf is that. It looks like it wants to be a sword but it just looks like a tuning fork


Given his track record it was probably +10 attack when HP over 90%, I wouldn’t sweat it


Premiere weapon…

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His weapon should have been a microphone


I think he is trying to cut his own hair, stupid boy!

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We need to push for more weapons! Not every ascendable toon gets one but it should be available to get at least


Please no more assigned weapons to characters! It totally eliminates versatility


No I think we’re all wanting to get the weapons from the promo art, every single toon has one but they’re all not available. Garrett had a halberd but it was never put in

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Yup, I’m sick of seeing the same weapons tbh. They should release new 30% attack, def, HP weapons


Nah dude his weapon should of been a guitar and an ounce of weed he could pass off as Bob Marley

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This is the case for a lot of toons. Shows a special weapon when ascending or on the premier character in premiers but there is actually no special weapon.


His weapon should be a toilet plunger…would suit him and his usefulness.


Jon Snow’s weaker secret shame brother.
Isn’t he just cute with his little toy sword hehe.


I’m surprised they haven’t put a chain as a weapon yet


It actually fits Leon. It looks like he wants to be a badass but he just hits like a wet noodle. :rofl:


…or a hairbrush.

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It needs a lot of help like one of those famous hacker weapons with like 500% attack 8% and huge attacking

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