Weapon Help For Andrea Shield

Hey guys, should I add def here ? Or huge when taking damage ? Her rush is quite ok, and I could maybe use that weapon on other yellow toon if reqppacing her?

I’d just go with Hp

30% hp and then 5% hp so it will be 35% hp, 30% defense and absolute defense. Andrea as a lead gets a boost to ap when attacking and could be put behind a leader thst gives huge bonus when attacking or taking damage like sandy or michelle, etc. Her rush is good but you want a shield to shield not really rush. Her rush does give bonus hp which is why i would go with more hp so it can be boosted more


For a human shield you don’t want there rush to go as it is a free shot for the oppenent one any character so I would go 30hp as you want her to be able to keep defending and take more damage

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U should also take into account if u plan on using her on offense

She has a decent rush for offense. U could put AP when taking damage on her.

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