Weapon For Louis ? Help needed

Hey guys and guys,

Atm I’m using this weapon:

He is popping often, and disarm almost everytine, atm I’m adding huge / very large.

I also have this weapon:

Here I consider add: ATK and make Huge (for test)

His mods atm:

And on top of that I should say he’s damage is heavy, I took Lydia out in 2 shots? Wtf…:)!

But what are your suggestions and comments?


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I use Louis with Andrea lead so he gains huge bonus.

I did:
35 crit
30 attack
30 crit when HP is > 70% (slayer 3 non critical special)

He crits almost every turn, hits like a truck


35 crit, 30 def and stun works really well, the 30 def helps him stay alive and he pops almost every turn for me.

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The Kamil daily help thread.


Who is your lead ?

Hahah :slight_smile:

I use alice and andrea lead depending on teams.

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Aha… I don’t have that lead… Dwight here… :confused:

Using these mods on him ATM
Using this weapon usually use it on red g2 Hersh but making a second one for him with 35 crit 30 defense ATM

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Mira lead? dwight lead u wont have any lead skill usage or ap gain to help him go round 2.

While this guy needs help i need some help too… should i put def,hp,stun resist on my shield or def,confuse resist and stun resist?

Looking good, and the overall damage is good with only crit on weapon?

I typically run hp, defense, and stun resist on all of my shields. The beefier the better for shields in my opinion. But take notice of the teams that constantly raid you. If they’re using a lot of confuse or taunt, put on those resist mods. I would always use stun resist though since there are a lot of stun rushes, actives, weapons, etc

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Tara lead makes up for that and I’m also using red Sandy so she takes care of the damage part.

Thx imma try tht build an see how it holds, using koa now until sc andrea is t4.

For my disarm toons, i don’t worry about their damage output, only care about them disarming which is their primary job. Damage can be done by the rest of the team. Disarms also need defense or hp mods because they can’t disarm if they’re dead

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What are you using behind Andrea and Louis ?

Alice, ty, and yellow zeke but im trying out new teams

So the best option would be add some crit definitely, but going with crit and hp, would it not decrease the attack a little ?


I crit for 6ks behind alice or with Hershel buff on yellows and blues. you need huge dmg like andrea or alice for this weapon to really shine. I’ve 1-shot tyreese with this setup. Gonna be going for 35 crit as my final slot on that gun.