Weapon for Dr: Stevens

Hello to all of the topic, I’m having a hard time crafting a weapon for the character Dr: Stevens, what is the ideal weapon for him ?, I know it’s the absolute defense, but outside this one has another including the 3 attributes ?? thankful

I’m going for an icepick with ad, a huge bonus when attacking, and an extra 5 defense. Want him giving ho as much as possible

Absolute defense of course, with more defense 2 times. You can add defense to a slot and then try upgrading that same slot with more defense again. Either that or huge bonus when taking damage in the other slot. AD, defense, huge bonus defense. you could also do AD, crit, defense, because he is guardian and when he lands a crit attack he applies the shield, even maybe absolute defense, and critical 2 times. I would be happy with a weapon that was +33/35 crit, +23/25% defense, and absolute defense. maybe you can get those results on a kukri.

In case you don’t have Legendary Ezekiel, go ahead and add Stevens to the team with a crit-based weapon, as he has a Guardian ability.

Try Slayer Level 3 for the third Weapon Slot, and add critical success parts to it. To maximize this and make sure you get something good, ask for your factionmates’ help to capture Critical Success Territories (Surefire and Strip Mall. You must have both to have a good chance to get a good upgrade). When that is done and you got the upgrade, add a bonus to AP when attacking, which I suggest you insert “Huge Bonus” to get the best out of it, then add 25% or 30% Crit.

In case you already have Ezekiel on your team, add Stevens anyways, especially if your leader is Barker, Rick or Vincent. However, since only one Guardian can use their ability one at a turn, and Ezekiel can protect 2 or more at once, give Stevens a weapon with Defensive capabilities.

A good instance could be this: A Huge Bonus to AP when Attacking, A Huge Bonus to AP when Defending and 30% bonus Defense when taking damage from enemies with 70% HP or above / Absolute Defense.

This allows Stevens to use his Adrenaline to heal and Health Buff the team and himself more often, while defending himself well against attacks, or even nullifying them in the Absolute Defense case, since he would be a big target for giving your team huge chunks of health back.

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I only use doctor stevens for faction assault because of his bonus hp and crit boost when he is together with Ezekiel he is the real mvp in faction assault exspecialy agasint negan and tara teir 5! So yeah AD or bonus ap(raider level 3) or heavy crit(slayer 3) and have huge ap when attacking with either 30 defense or 30 crit imho.

No matter what weapon u put on him, he’s absolutely useless.

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Regardless of his usage now he definitely wouldn’t be one that I would scrap he’s going to be ascended before others he’s the doctor

30 crit, 30 hp, then either bonus crit or huge ap when attacking.