Weapon for 6* Ezekiel

So i just got reflect 80% damage for the 3rd slot of my kukri (i was going for absolute def but i got this instead so this will be my first legendary weapon😀) but what should i put on it in the 2nd slot and should i upgrade the crit?

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Reset the weapon


Reset and try again, reflect dmg is really bad for raiding/defense team


Reset and go for either ABS DEF. Or +35 crit. Trust me i’ts worth it :slight_smile:


This is the weapon you want


Damn no one likes reflect… but this is the only thing ive gotten in a year

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Which one is the bonus crit? Slayer?

Slayer 3


Okay but i need more kits for it though but in the meantime what should i put on it? I need it as a placeholder for the time being till i get a new kit

Not true. Reflect is great on a 1★ when you are defending territories and the reflect kills a 6★


In my opinon you should keep reflect for now. Not worth reseting if you don’t have any kits or any more +30 crit weapons

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You’re not quite getting it…reflect stinks for 6* Zeke. If you need a placeholder weapon, do a slayer 1 on that kukri so you get extra crit, then do whatever you want on the 2nd slot.

Reflect is just as good as having nothing, so put something useful in the 3rd slot.

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I do get it i just didnt know that there was a bonus crit option for it lol, its just frustrating

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Yes, do slayer 1. You should be able to instant finish it so it should take a second to do.

What if i did slayer 2?

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Best case scenario would be that you would get +25 Crit when attacking with enemies with more than 60% of their HP with critical success.

In comparison, slayer 1 will give you +20 crit when you’re HP is over 60% and is way cheaper and quicker to do. Slayer 2 isn’t worth it IMO


Okay thanks

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Reflect damage sounds way better than it is. I was pretty excited the first time I got one, but then I tried raiding with it for a bit, and sadly it really didn’t do much. The amount of extra damage it gives is minimal.

The big problem is the stronger the character you give it to, the less well it works. On a one star character, it’s incredible effective. On a six star, not so much.

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