Weapon Farming Stages

Does anyone by chance know which story stages have the highest drop rate for 3* And 4* weapons?

12.3 - zombies
13.5 - humans

Both have great drops, 13.5 may be faster cause its humans.

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No one stage has a higher drop rate than another. You’re no more likely to get a drop on any “lucky” stage. The weapons drop when they drop. Think of it like this: you’ll go through periods of luck, periods of drought, rinse and repeat. I did a very, very long, tedious, and extensive experiment/study to see if what you’ve said was true. Unfortunately, it’s a drought system, and there’s no way to predict when your spell will end. The same goes for crafting specials in the armory (and many other areas of the game). You’ll have a period of luck then a period of drought. I wish I could tell you this was hyperbole, but sadly, it is not. I hope this helps.


RNG in a nutshell, I got this on SR level 170-something. With Blue Kenny as lead. +36 crit and nothing more. No slight/small/med/large item drop bonuses. Yet I have grinded my ass off on 13.3 (where one user posted a picture of him gaining three or four 4⭐ weapons on a single go with a med drop lead) with Rosa and got a Kitchen Cleaver, a Brush Axe, and a Worn Down Katana. I think a Magnum too.

Of any 4⭐ weapon I could’ve gotten, why couldn’t I at least a Deagle or SMG?

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Farm 14.7 all day :100: