Weapon equipping... Semi-permanent?


Wanted to suggest a way to keep weapons eqyipped to characters even after switching around team data.

It seems weapons unequip themselves from whoever they are being used by whenever I restart my game or switch a few things around on team rosters.

First thing is there is nothing that shows which weapon is equipped by which character… i.e.- If I equip “Sandy’s magnum” to say Rick; when viewing the weapons themselves, for possible selling or whatever, there is nothing that shows a player who may have that weapon equipped and if there is more than 1 “Sandy’s magnum” it makes it ridiculously hard to know whether or not a player can sell off this weapon without taking it away from the character(s) that may have it equipped.

Also whenever viewing the characters themselves it only shows the default weapon and not the one being used.

Could you guys please find a better way to at least semi-permanently equip weapons?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :smile: