Weapon crit territory sharing


Does your region share the weapon crit territories (Namely Surefire and Stripmall)? If so, do you use the no stacking method (just place one team of all 1*/2* toons) or the Separate faction method.

  • Yes, Our Region shares the Weapon Crit territories equally by not stacking them
  • Yes, Our Region shares the Weapon Crit territories using a crafting faction
  • No, Our Region treats the Weapon Crit territories like any other territory

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Sorry this was my first time making a poll. I realize now “Multiple choice” meant the responder could make multiple choices not that there would be multiple choices to pick from.

And now I can’t edit it. My bad.


I voted top one for Decatur. Its kind of an unwritten thing that people don’t stack territories but not a formal agreement.

There was an alliance, but the second strongest faction got their knickers in a twist about some irrelevant issue and kicked the strongest faction out. So there tends to be a lot of clearing walkers at the Strip Mall and Surefire supplies…


We are sharing them in Butler but there are always some … who keep giving them to walkers cause it’s funny getting the hate in gc I guess.


2 of my regions there is a general underdstanding not to stack them. It goes by pretty smoothly except when you have the occasional noob facs who stack them for no reason lol.
In my third region (Chilton), we go by an organized scheduled hourly rotation.


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