Weapon crafting


How does the crafting success work? Does critical success require crafting success? Do the run independently? Is the critical success calculated 1st?



I believe it has been said that success is run first, then the game decides if it is a critical or shitty success.



For critical success, you need both Ducktape and Polishing kit when crafting sir.



So who should we be asking?



So if I don’t have duct tape then I should grab the crafting territories and that will affect my chances at critical success?



Not really. Dash said you need Ducktape at least to start the craft success, but if you use Polished kit, and success completes then you’ll have a chance at crit. Some people told you they got crit without Polishing kit, so it may work. No promises though.



You can get crit without tape, because you still have a half ass chance of success without the tape.



Unknown there you go. Just as this guy says.



Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok. So crictical success is dependent on crafting success. Got it. Thanks!



Yes, I’ve never got the crit I was looking for without tape, but I seem to always have 7 or 8 more kits than tapes, so I have ran with just polishing kits quite a few times and got critical successes before.

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I’m doing that now. Have a bunch of extra kits so i’m trying while I am waiting to hit level 120.



As others have said, you cannot get the crit result unless the base result works.

There are 3 possible outcomes (assuming level 3 here)

  1. Failure
  2. Non crit success (1 of 4 results, probably equally weighted)
  3. Crit success (1 of 3 results, not evenly weighted)

If the armory is working, you can only get result 1 if you don’t use a DT. However, you can get any of the results without using either DT or a PK, you just have a rather diminished chance. Using a DT assures 2 (it fills the regular success meter), but you can still get 3. Using a DT and PK assures 2 as before, and you have a better chance at 3, but no guarantee. Holding Surefire and Strip Mall increases the critical result chance, but it is still less than 100%. There is no scenario where a crit result is guaranteed. Even if you get the crrit result, the trait based result is much less likely (ie impair/stun/revive/ad/ap down).

Be prepared to try alot of times to get the results you want.

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U do not need duct tape for critical success. You need polishing kit. Critical success is different than just success. Duct tape assures some kind of success for that specific thing. Critical success is never guaranteed and polishing kits only add to chances. It’s very possible to get critical success with no duct tape. Actually a lot of people save tapes when going for critical and only use kits.



I have had more crit success when not using success items and only use crit success items



ive hit crits without any optional parts, risky but possible



Think of it like a flow chart.

First the game decides if it is a success or a fail THEN it decides if it is a critical success. Therefore, even with PK and two crit territories, you may not even get to the second step where the game considers if it was a crit success therefore you risking wasting the PK.

Of course, despite the Duct Tape filling the success meter, many still fail the craft using both Duct Tape and Polishing Kits. But that’s Scopely bugs for you…