Weapon crafting with critical success

Is anyone else noticing a decline in getting a critical success when using tape and kits? Seems to be down lately. Could just be my luck


Haven’t had a crit success with crit territories for 2 months so I don’t bother anymore

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I haven’t had a critical success for a long time now either. It’s so frustrating when you know you can’t really improve your team futher without decent weapons, but doesn’t seem to matter what you do…

It’s all a roll of the :game_die:

Everything else is just superstition.


I got Shiva stun on 2nd attempt.

Yes there is a catch, it was Xmas Shiva, but point remains.

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I’ve nailed stun katanas on like 1st and 2nd tries, but I couldn’t get it for Xmas Shiva at all haha.

you know what is the worst i reset my red stun gun xD

I frequently get crit success, just never the one I want.

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Yes been going on since the new levels opened up 125-150 and lots of tape and kits yep kept a record running at 50% now not 80% over this long period, we,ve been Scopeled


Well that sucks.

That was when I noticed a change. Was just wondering if anyone else did?

Oh I get critical, lots and lots of critical. Just not the ones I want.
Have done tons of mods going for 8% AP and keep getting the random 20% instead, so many tactical tactical knives

Except if a D6 became a D20 somehow

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