Weapon crafting uncertainty

When you craft on weapons, does the chance to get critical sucess depend on firstly getting a basic crafting success? What I mean to say is, is it worth just going for crits and not using the item to boost basic success? Or am I setting myself up for a lot of failed crafting attempts, and not just filtering out unwanted basic successes without criticals.

I hope this makes sense to someone haha. I am so inarticulate right now

If you don’t get a successful craft you will not get a critical craft

Okay thanks :slight_smile: good to know

This used to be the way for getting perfect crafts under the 4* era. Get crit territories, use only crit enhancing parts (polishing kits if I remember well) and cross fingers.

Basically : If it fails, you may try again because it didn’t count as a craft. If it succeeds, you can only get a critical craft. Not necessarily THE crit craft you were looking for but no risks of getting a basic useless craft that would count as one modification on your weapon. That used to work perfectly well with ATT, DEF or even CRIT : +5% guaranteed or try again.

By now, due to how hazardous crafting is and how unsuccessful results are, I can’t tell you if it still works this way or not.
I pretty much gave up on weapons since it takes a life to gather parts and fail them 50 times before getting an unwanted mod …


Appreciate you going into detail on it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the critical success rate is. I went to 17 failures in a row on a weapon.

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That’s not true. They are two separate rolls and always have been
Roll one: basic craft success or fail

Roll two: critical success or fail.

Roll one can succeed and roll two fail. Roll one and two can both succeed.

Roll two can succeed but since roll one failed, the whole craft fails.

Using only the Crit success item did not ever guarantee a critical success

In summary, critical craft success cannot be guaranteed. Basic success can be guaranteed to succeed and must succeed in order to get a critical craft success


Title, is certain👍

It doesn’t work anymore

Due to how successful it used to be, compared to the ‘‘normal use’’ (meaning with duct tape too and the 2 other territories), please allow me to make a quick shortcut.
This was an ‘‘almost guaranteed’’ perfect craft.

But yes, you are right, nothing is 100% guaranteed.

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