Weapon Crafting Territory


I was told that when you take the weapon crafting territory & begin crafting your weapons, it doesn’t matter if you lose the territory you’ll still get that +15% critical success rate when crafting.

Yes the armory icon is still there when you lose the territory see image below

But the +15% icon when viewing the weapon you’re crafting is missing, see image below

So my question to you is…How do we know we are actually getting that +15% critical success rate?



LOL they added the symbol next to the timer and the symbol next to your collection button (when it’s finished).

So U want more notification? Like the bar itself or maybe just the 15% or 30% displayed?

I think it’s better they way it is. I’m not sure I need anymore notifications myself…


There is a armory icon on the armory when you are ready to collect and while it is crafting. That’s how you know the effect is in place.




This guy right here clearly just wanted to complain, lol just curses at any response.


I pretty sure I comprehended well enough… here is the only question U asked, and u even answered it in ur own post.

We know we get the crit bonus because of icon which u already mentioned.


you need to have both territories at the moment you start the craft and when u collect them


This is incorrect, it is just at the start of the craft now


so this is incorrect then


Yes, it’s been changed. They posted about it on the old forums, I know as a certainty it has been changed, but I don’t have a link or screenshot for you, hopefully someone else will come along and post it


It’s not incorrect, it’s just been changed. It should even be in a patch note.


Yo my bad, I just realized that when crafting while holding the crit territories there is an image on that wep screen.

I either somehow missed it before or i just got the update while already in mid craft. That can be confusing.

I guess I just say fuck it and trust in scopely because there’s nothing I can do about it! For what it’s worth I have only been crafting with 30% bonus and my crits seem to be the right amount


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Again Comprehension is vital for being online.