Weapon Crafting Stash request


Can we please have stashes for weapon crafting? It would be nice to know a desired craft would be obtainable eventually.


How would this even work?

They could just do a straight up weapon stash where they put one of each special weapon in it along with some decent minor ones and a bunch of parts. As long as they don’t make it completely pay to play it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe it could be a monthly event where we get 30 tokens and they could put in like 60 pulls and make money off selling the extra tokens.


Not a bad idea. I’m 0-46 right now in Crenshaw for Green stun


Was thinking of stash for each craft: stun, impair, absolute defense & separate for the basic stats.

Just craft as normal but your outcome would be one from the stash.


In Crenshaw too, don’t know how many times ive failed at getting red stun


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