Weapon crafting names

I know the basic names that you get for certain things like stun reds you can rename jarring or 30 hp gives the name ‘sturdy’ but what about the other higher level names? 40 attack you get the option for ‘destructive’ but is there a list of what name results you can get for these 40 stats?

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Basic Mods 25% 40%
Attack Violent Destructive
Defense Defensive Guarding
HP Sturdy Robust
Crit Precise Deadly
AP Huge
AP when Attacking Savage
AP when Taking Damage Vengeful
Special Critical Mods Name
Reflect Damage Reprisal
Absolute Defense Blocking
Defense Down Perilous
Attack Down (when taking damage) Blunting
Stun (when taking damage) Jarring
Impair (when taking damage) Shocking
Random AP Tactical
Bonus AP (8% to all) Berserk
AP Down (when taking damage) Enervating
AP Down (when attacking) Sapping
Bonus AP (20% to self) Energized
Bleeding (when taking damage) Barbed
Party Healing Rallying
Bleeding (when attacking) Wounding
Stun (when attacking) Staggering
Splash Damage Cleaving
Double Attack Aggressive
Random Heal Binding
Leech Life Momentum
Teammate Reviving Revival
Self Healing (80% each wave) Vital
Self Healing (killing an enemy) Recovery
Impair (when attacking) Dazing

I used to have a 4* Revolver with 40% Attack called “Destructive Revolver”

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Thanks friend. I was always curious about this. Some pretty sweet names I’ll have to start crafting tonight. If only just to have a cool named weapon. Haha

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