Weapon crafting is soooo confusing

Does anyone else find weapon crafting confusing? The tutorial that you get when you start using your armoury is terrible and doesn’t help with all the options you get when you finally level up and have researched enough to get crafting.


Research everything, then slayer 3 for green, defender 3 for yellow, blue and red

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s old advice. So many other options that are viable now.

Raider 3 for green is AP down
Raider 3 for yellow is good for attack teams 8% bonus ap at start of raid

Defender, slayer and supporter are all good options for blue, impair when defending, impair when attacking or double attack. And raider 3 gives 20% ap which is also s good option.

Basically depends on your team and your approach

image These are the ones that are the best or most used


Not so much old, just basic. Too much to type and I didn’t feel like looking up the spreadsheets.Btw, the above spreadsheet is level 3 of each respective catagory (to the op)

Lol. You should have been around when the armory was first released. No explanation of possible outcomes was provided. All of the spreadsheets showing possible outcomes by color were pieced together by players collaborating and discovering the results.


damn, thats a lot of work people have done. scopely tries to hide everything possible to not to let people enjoy this game.

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Not to mention the initial bug of 4* weapons not dropping kits or tape, then Scopely saying its fixed but it wasn’t. Cost hundreds of players hundreds of weapons each.
And to top it all off, no compensation… at all

Yeah I don’t know why scopelly doesn’t put what effects has every upgrade and just puts a random description

Airplane mode

Was just about to say, and who can forget our flying friends

but they did took away the special crafted weapons from the people that took advantage of this glitch, like they took the leveled shield andreas from us, right? right? is that fųcķin6 right? i dont fućkińg think so… crazy bi+ch (not to partymcfly).

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