Weapon craft: guaranteed critical success?

Are there any ideas of creating a method that guarantee critical success? Let’s say a premium SC, or gold coins addition before sending the weapons, or a new special part?

To be honest, I have a mental issue about this, some teammates call me crazy, BTW. The question is, I do not tolerate imperfect weapons. Am I alone?


Imperfect weapons suck but I’m not sure if I want to add another way for the game to be monetized.


No, no lo hay algunas veces ni con los 2 territorios me sale el crítico

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RNG.Dont make another idia for scopes pls

It doesn’t need to be all monetized. For example, maybe if we receive 1 special part per that guarantee critical. Then, u can choose wisely and be happy with your perfect weapons. The game has too many RNG basis.

The entire basis of this game is RNG. It just happens to have a license to The Walking Dead franchise, so the dice we are rolling look like our favorite characters. You want guarantees in this game? Get that wallet ready…

Also, don’t forget that 70 bleed damage is considered a “critical success,” so be careful what you ask for.


If we “buy”

I’m not asking for a guaranteed special attribute. Otherwise everyone would get perfect weapons within a couple months, in a newly account. I agree that special ones should be random, inside an outcome of a critical success.

But I receive too many normal success, despite the progress bar (with +30% chance) showing around 65-70% of critical chance. It’s ridiculous to get 3, 4, 5 normal success in a row.

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So, maybe you are in the group of perfect weapons owners. Congrats! I’m not, but I’m trying everyday… :sweat_smile:

The territory bonuses are each 15% of the basic crit success amount, not a flat 15% added on top. Assuming the base crit success is 30%, having both crit territories only really adds 9%, for a total of 39% crit chance, not 60. This is what accounts for the streaks of crap outcomes. I’ve failed huge AP 6 times in a row. Earl is a sumbitch.

Taken a step further, any % bonuses relative to territories are factors applied to whatever base amounts might be, so the increased item drop chance, weapon parts breakdown chance, and increased AR success chance fall into this category as well. You can use the AR example to see for yourself, as the percentages are actually numerically displayed (for once.) Holding all three territories superficially looks like a 30% increase, but it’s the (% chance to level) x 1.3.

It’s another purposefully vague/ambiguous element to the game, but consider the source.

Just make PK give 100% crit like DT gives 100% success but scopes likes to troll or they could make each crit tt gice 25% for a 50% boost so combined with PK it would be 100% crit but you know… Its scopely

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So they should fix the progress bar:

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Check this thread for all you need to know about how to interpret their graphics.

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Fantastic! :+1:

I barely have any use for coins. They could charge 10k coins for any weapon trait of our choosing and I’ll go right back to doing everything to get my coins up. That’s my issue with this game to be honest. They can give us free premium toons for events but without good weapons, I’m bound to lose every raid to someone who does have desirable special traits on all their weapons. Trust me, I barely have 5 wins against teams with perfect weapons.

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