Weapon Craft : Epoxy missing

I barely can’t get any epoxy from dismantle, I’ve been stuck for ten days now

The best move I found was basic tokens from wars, you can quick have 30+ or so, then half are weapons and half of this bring 3* melee weapons eventually… BUT STILL NO EPOXY

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Because this actually helps the original poster with this question. Take those comments to the threads where they belong.

To the original poster:
Try capturing suburbia and territories and it should help boost the ability to get everything you need While dismantling

Why was this gold fla@@ed

It actually does help. Although the odds should be the same for everyone, he is in the “out of this item” bucket, meaning he will have less of a chance so they can make more money because they know he needs this item.


Fl@gged because it was off topic, even though accurate. Oh well.

I have same problem too. Epoxy really hard to obtain. I though just me have this problem. This part really needed almost all upgrade and ap gain stats. I have no idea why only this part is missing??

I often captured suburbia every i plan for dismantel but still no epoxy. Many weapons i try and high grade weapons too. No Luck.

It does also let the poster know that odds are skewed towards spending. The comment was appropriate per the known situation.

I just ruined myself today, after using 40 energy fill for nothing I directly bought a lot of weapons, lucky enough I got only melees ones to dismantle BUT STILL NO EPOXY !!!

Lol bμ©#et is not allowed now either…WOW

And I always get full territories, objects +20% x2 to get as much weapons possible (barely get none) and the dismantle one, the extra bonus doesn’t get me anything and since my whole squad is melee I’m stuck for ages on this issue

bucket 7 chars, depends on the context I see

I think you’re right lol

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