Weapon activate odds


Why does it seem like when you’re raiding a defense ALL their weapons (or close to all) activate- stun, abso, etc… but the one who is attacking, almost never has weapons that activate like the ones do on defense… what is this blasphemy?


rng baby

rng… :frowning:


Better chance = 35%
But yea seems it procs more for the defending team :man_shrugging:


I noticed a lot this past raid tourney!


It’s just to make you buying some disarming toons, so no more weapons activations :wink:


Real question is starting to become why…

Why if they have taken all types of level 3 traits and added them to weapons giving certain toons completely exclusive weapons mods or things like taking red jesus and giving him impair on defense when its only for blues.

Sorry but i believe once you add a trait somewhere else it should be available through crafting for that color and all the exclusive ones should be made available for crafting. Obviously not when it first launches but 1-3 3-6 months they should get rolled into it.

This nonsense of their being only 1 real good crit or none to get per color per level 3 trait has to stop.

Why after this kind of time is there not at least 2-3 more options per color already?

If im rolling blue defense impair while defending shouldnt be the only time i feel like i got something or red stun or green stun on att or abs D.

Sure a couple of the ap downs and double att or something is used situationally but the occasional exception doesnt even out the fact that theres far too lil option for the harshness of random around here.

Add more options (actually good viable options) to the pool of weapon crafting mix and match the mods and traits open it up already its far too 1 dimensional for where we are at.


More of a slap to the face is with green characters on your offence if you have stun on attack or even red characters with stun while defending or even blue impairs while defending it never triggers and yet it probably takes so long to craft them.


This would be a very interesting concept, but we know they do this because exclusive toons with certain weapons with badass mods on them already, make lotsssss of money for scumley. Though I would be super down for this!!! But the ppl who go to vk would love to put abso on all their shields tho. Lol


Because Scopely is notoriously slow at updating things to match the current meta, i.e) basic tokens, 4-star character tokens, etc.


If a green-stun weapon attacks a red-stun defender, can both be stunned?


Yes it can happen.


The next step is an “anti disarm mod”. #makeweaponsgreatagain
Just to make all the michonnes/bruces/louis useless.
I wouldnt be surprised


lol I was just thinking of this the other day! They definitely need to revamp the armory though. Imagine putting disarm on all your weapons. :exploding_head:


I was referring more on the toon mod, after anti stun, anti impair, anti X, an anti disarm could be introduced quickly and making tons of $$$


No! I just got Bruce. Let me enjoy it for a moment at least.


Nah, it’s just you always attack the same toon so you have alot of wasted procs. The enemy just splash atks randomly (except if trait advantage exists), as such multiple get affected and you like WTF?!?!?


Thank you sensei I shall apply this logic to my next raids.


But disarm is a specialist skill not a weapon skill :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


And what does that make taunt? Or is it not a specialist skill and also a weapon slot on Romanovs weapon?


Taunt is not a specialist skill so I don’t get what your trying to say. Specialist skills like disarm, evasion, berserker are not weapon skills