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Is this weapon even possible a blue ap down when attacking? You cant craft it but is it being sold ever?

Mayby cheater? or some special weapon like AD Axe.

It can’t be crafted. Anyone got Aiko’s Sniper Rifle to confirm base stats?

Aiko rifle has:
30 attack
Med bonus when attacking
Ap down


Nope… it’s hacking. Ap down on attack is red only.

Its not hacking. Aiko’s sniper comes with AP down as default, like the green Absolute Defense Axe or the 20% to self Michonne’s Wakizashi (yellow weapon)


Got a pic bud? not doubting you at all, just don’t recall seeing that one myself


Thank you - hadn’t seen that before

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Haha no.

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But how does it come to Mackenzie if its Aiko her weapon

It’s not aiko’s attached weapon , just named as her rifle

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The rifle was originally leaked as her bound weapon, but when she came out it wasnt and instead it was in premier arms cache.

They sold it ina weapon wheel when she came out.

Thanks problem solved never seen it before now I know it’s legit

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