"WEAKLY" missions

Comon Scopley, get rid of this BS accend 5 mission, nobody’s leveling 3 stars.


Grinding for 4 weeks to get 15 comics, and u get accend 5 twice, WTF!

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I second that. That’s complete horseshit. Total dick move.


Sssshhh. “99% of players love it” @sinned


I don’t mind putting in some work n grinding a bit, but, GTFO already with the accend 5, I did it first week. What is wrong with these people running this game .

Ascend maxed 3☆’s

Right just like the destory 10 camps one from last week very niche

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Same, I saw that and was thinking you know how much resources that is gonna take when we have ran out if trainers from that previous event (forgot what the event was called). + it just released AFTER LU were some ppl may have waited to ascend toons to lvl up.

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Totally agree enough of this crap

Yea I missed the figurerine last week cause I didn’t feel like doing it. Such a miserable mission.

It’s the two year plan?
Make the majority of people\players take two years to use\get free characters\gear.
Also put out new items for each character that is “free” making it so shitty for them that they give up on not spending, they drop them credit card digits on them no hassle empty bucket pulls.
Just a repeat of the prestige characters and gear.

Gave up on comics cause of this, can’t even ascend one in a week

@jr scopely @gb scopely @yopher loooool their alter egos, hopefully they will at least reply for once


Same here, stop pushing us to ascend toons we dont need and waste resources!
@GR.Scopely take this to the team please

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I am ok with the concept, but would much prefer it to be Ascend 2 Characters rather than 5. 5 is to many, you just end up mucking about with 3* and not getting anything useful out of it. Which is not fun. if it was 2 it might motivate some players to make some moves on 5* ascendable’s that have been hanging around a while.

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I just complained about this in a thread, it isnt sustainable to waste gear and time on 3*, 4* or 5* unless it is an s class, ascending 5 in a week is insane

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All you have to do is war hard and use the 3* toons from the basic tokens to ascend and use to complete the ascendance with. Super easy… even for this bucket :slight_smile:

10k ascendance medals each ain’t that much.

No excuses, this shouldnt be the standard, we also dont have war this weekend

I don’t have a huge surplus of toons. I’m lucky to ascend one a week. And that’s a 6*. I’m not wasting my resources ascending anything lower for some comics for a chance at getting a toon whose already majorly outclassed.

These weekly missions suck. I also have Complete 30 Scavenger Missions which is fun

This mission is the reason why I can’t get comics, it urks me, I saw it the first time and said nope, then I found out I couldn’t get comics because you gotta destroy camps in a war I saw no reason to participate in because of cake rewards that don’t benefit me in any way, at this rate, you want me to participate? Put ice cream cones into it, I need a little under 2k.

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