We wont get an ascendance list till may 2019

Scopley will probably make Maggie the last ascendable on the list and release her on mothers day; like they did Lori this year. They will prob keep this cycle going for ascendables


It’s not sarcastic. Please remove your comment.



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Um no…? Mothers day is in may. Lori was last ascendable in the last list and she was given out for mothers day. Maggie is a mom and a step mother. She can easily be a mothers day ascendable toon. Give your head a shake and think. May is not a random month theres 4 toons left with 5 months till may. They’re releasing at the same pace from the last list… none of this is random lmao maybe try having an open mind

There are some real bellends on this forum who pretend to support Scopely just to wind people up, they’re best ignored.

To be honest though, although it would be nice to see more legacy toons made ascendable, I don’t think it quite as important as it was 12/18 months ago when there was such a limited pool of character to use.

Now we’re seeing regular event wheels with older premier toons in and more ways to attain them in other wheels it’s no longer such a priority imo. And lets be honest when Maggie/Knox/Rose do land they’ll be almost useless anyway, cos that’s generally what free gets you on this game.


Si alguno pusiera facilitarme la lista oficial de ascencion, o algun lugar donde poder verla, se les agradecería de todo corazón…

Help plis

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Concuerdo completamente

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Sorry what?

Me referia a que Concuerdo con el tema

Lol literally the equivalent of “delet this”. Also, what is this thread supposed to accomplish anyway? Riling up the player-base because they won’t get things at the rate they want? That’s scopely, and I don’t think any amount of complaining about the release rate will improve it. The only thing it’ll do is make them create more lackluster characters like Carley.

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I’m not complaining just assuming… and it looked like he did delete his comment so . …

I dont think we’ll have another ascendable list ever again

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Ummm bueno eso es algo triste, pero que se le va a hacer

Aqui podrás ver lo que quieres. Perdona mi castellano pero soy de Portugal aahah

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Te lo agradezco enormemente desde el fondo de mi corazĂłn

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