We will not be top 1 because we are too strong

My faction is too strong, so every fact we are meeting are not fighting us… But we are top 2 becaude the first have more intense gold fight… Thanks scopely…

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The scores are actualy:
Top1 : 96w / 16 l
Our is ( top2) : 110/3

Top 1 has 50k more points than us… Logical

Where is the fun in a game like that

Ahah are you from clay ?
We’re top 1 like that and we don’t have any gold fight lmao. We’re winning because we’re faster and better against the small factions. Get gud :stuck_out_tongue:


This is too funny. Top faction in my region has one loss and a massive lead. Even in normal wars we might get 3k points total and they still manage to put up 30k points.

Sure… With the same amount of fights… With more loss… You are faster… Sure

How would we coin lol. We’re farming small factions that never repair. We lose against you but not by a landslide so we’re getting the points we lost back against those.
Just look at the number of wars. We were 3 wars behind at 12am and now we have more. You’re not fast enough and we overkill better than you do, that’s just facts.
Just think, how could we have as many wars if we only engaged in never ending coin wars. You don’t win CRW against top factions but being better and more present against small ones. Ask Catoosa, we pulled the same thing on them. You’re better overall but we compensate by being faster and more active. I understand how sad you must feel spending so much coins and losing :kissing_heart:



This whole post is cracking me up. lol


If you’re so good that nobody wants to fight you, why do you have 3 losses?


You aren’t better than us, you’re in second




Well said :ok_hand:

Truer words have never been spoken. :rofl:


So he’s full of excellence and vinegar?


Yes the best always are. lol

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Lol this guy

To conclude this topic

Too strong" LuL

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Lol, complaining because they war more than you and you’re “stronger than them”, you may be stronger, but they’re quicker and quicker gets more wars in and build a better lead. Instead of being the strongest trying being the fastest, I’m sure you can multitask.


This is why Clay can’t even compete against strong Cross War factions.

Clay is so active, it consumes the pool of team faster than others, resulting in very long matchmaking between all wars for Clay.

See below how the region ladder doing this War.

Having to wait 20 minutes between every war slowed us so hard… Sunday, afternoon was the end of all hopes. Even hard banging iZombie didn’t even make any advantages for us, got busted by the slow matchmaking.
Even winning every Wars in 4-5 minutes didn’t helped…
People were exauted waiting wars for nothing…

That’s a real issue…

You can also see the in other threads, like Japaneses people finshed third because of this.

Oh dear. You have an active region.
You should complain.


Yep agreed,.

We waited so much time before the matchmaking give us something to brawl in 5min max for meaningless points.
Well it is not about strategy or anything else, the proof is we got exactly the same situation the past cross.

We faced a more active region and won at the end for the same reason you won that war.

So in a case of a powerfull faction is against a lower active region, the faction cannot win if there is a very active faction againt them.

Scopely cannot do anything for this, unfortunately.