We want you, yes you right there!

Hey all you people looking for a faction! Search no more because you’ve found your match! Well not me, I’m not looking for that kind of match. My faction is looking for players and that could be you! We’re a mix of F2P & P2P, 1st in region events, top 15 in CRW, no minimums. I think that about covers that mumbo jumbo. DM me if that sounds like something you’re interested in, it totally is. Cmon you know you wanna :wink:
Line ID: loren5555

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which wave

A Spongebob Meme I haven’t seen yet? How can this be?



Wave 2 @JunithJohnny28

ohh ok im in wave 1

mfw my face when mom take xbox

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PS4 is better :woman_shrugging:


I like Nintendo better than both

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