I don’t care about hordes, bugs, wars or bad prizes or the awful war wheel or the stash being reset if we move. I play this game for people and right now we need more actives to war why is scopley holding back our transfers we should be in outrage! Give us our freedom
FREEDOM!!! #Wewantfreedom
Everyone needs to be on their case a lot more about this they can’t just hide it in the dark and expect us to wait another month this game near died last time they locked us in


Transferts should come up this monday

I don’t think this is the freedom you want but hey im open for transfers im in a toc region, raiding is so cancer.

2 weeks solo events (except crw)… They will happen now

This game is near dying now, it’s being kept alive by ventilators at this point.


I want more lvl ups

I want a couple days without roadmaps or anything going on

Scopley using pc as life support for the game :joy:, but honestly at this point in the game i actually enjoy tf out of lvl ups rather than war.


Okay we can stop the riot 5th of September should be the date :joy:

Good thing no one lost their cool

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Not spending 1k to transfer unless a bunch of whales come to my home :joy:

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Sounds half baked

I barely remember to log in most days, especially on stretch week idgaf about placement. There’s more interest here on the forums then in game.


Last I heard they didnt have a time yet even tho they said before about when the season ended and that was a day or so ago so I’m guessing the 5th is the day they open

Good job, now post about the stuff you said u didn’t care about so they get fixed too please.


the opening of the transfers the day of the war … it is only me that this surprises


I want a solid gold toilet!

If you are looking to replace players or getting new actives u can say to them to be factionless they should still be able to transfer if u keep a spot

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