We want scopely to get on with the second old 5* ascendables list

99%?? Lol noob.
Do you work for Scopley? :joy::joy::joy:

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You not supposed to get all the characters within 6 months.
Not everyone’s roster is supposed to be the same as all others.

There should be variety and toons to constantly aim for.

Sure aim for them all…but you should feel the need to get them as fast as possible.
They will always be available as long as the games running.

I haven’t got Aaron, Spencer, Conner, Gator…sure there’s a few others…
I’m aiming to get Conner and Gator.

I have quite a few on the new list waiting.
Some I haven’t got but others will…that’s good variety.
And gives me a aim…and others too.


I don’t even want all those toons on the OG list.
I really don’t understand your post.
I say hurry up Scopes! Give us more toons ASAP!!!
Forget and ignore what this minority guy is saying!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL release cadence has nothing to do with how many people have actually gotten the characters. Poor troll attempt.

Its purely about getting as many toons out so people have as many options as possible in the current state of the game. The quicker old toons get released into the ascendance the better. They need to pick up the pace! MORE IS BETTER.

Okay ill bite, More options means more ascendance toons available lol. No benefit in not releasing more.
Every single player would whole heartedly vote to have more toons released into ascendance immediately over less.

You are not required to earn every toon off the first list and if you do earn them in the future from tokens or whatever now you can fully weigh the options of what to do since you can see their possible 6* version.

Wasnt 5* dwight on the 1st list and he is not ascendable yet…

Your resource limit has no bearing on the state of the game. Many players choose to save or have much more resources to use. I personally have a running total of resources enough to ascend 2-3 more at any time.

Also if your resources are so limited, would you not want to know you can skip one of the crap toons on list 1 because the better one from list 2 is released already. Rather than waste it on something that is replaceable.

Hahahaha. :joy::joy::joy:
OK. Back under your bridge. I’m out :sunglasses:

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Lol! 1s go home! Yer drunk!


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I feel like now is the perfect time for them to do the exsiting 5 asention list. They’re already going to be moving mods into its live stage soon enough, which they will most likely sell parts like crazy, releasing 3-4 free toons in a row to the asendable stage is the pefect balance, they will still make money(mods) while making the free user base more content.
I’d say around 80-90% of the userbase is low/ no spending, So the game really doesn’t function as a whole if the maroity get annoyed and quit in waves from extremely unbanlanced odds.(not saying they don’t deserve an advantage, but it can’t be so extreme that free players can’t attempt to catch up)


I’ll just leave this for you. :wink:

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I will get enough of both in the 6-8 months it takes Scopley to release them.

Yes it would, wasting resources on a toon that will be knowingly obsolete.

I have 7 toons. One a month is easy. If you’re dedicated :+1:

LOLOL can you read i SAID YES!

But my YES trumps your NO. Its simple rules. Yes beats no and paper beats rock.

(I think he’s a bit special) :thinking:


Oh hes just a troll but im bored.


@Tyr why would you not want scopley to come out with the new 6 star list? You do know you can ascend a 6 star whenever you want right?

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Lol hes just having fun.

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