We want scopely to get on with the second old 5* ascendables list

The first list of old 5stars that woupd become ascendable early 2018 is now completed with the lori event, about time we start aeeing some more of the new list become ascendable… so many new toons coming out,so also do something for the long time players that are waiting impaitiently to ascend some new stuff… release some new 6s of old 5!


They will do it when they’re good and ready.
No schedule
No warning
No nothing
Oh and there hasn’t even been any leaks yet so minimum wait of a month or two.
Keep surviving :+1:



Come on now…
It’s been going too slow as it is.
They need to give people a reason to keep fighting to improve.
Don’t think Scopley have ever truly known how important F2P are.


You serious? F2P’s are important? Maybe if we…F2P’s start spending then I agree to that lmao :rofl:

Normally early 2018 would mean in the first quarter. Early is Q1. So they are a bit late with the old ascendables list


F2p are important cuz if it was only p2p players every region would be dead by now… the top needs somebody to fight


My guess is after the Lucas or Lori event is the minimum time they will start with the leaks.

Yes. Both F2P and P2P are important. Can’t “keep surviving” if you don’t have both


They are busy pushing this mods nonsense.
Don’t count on there being any legacy toon anytime soon. Maybe after Summer?

With that said, let me address the other topic.
F2p are equally important as they are the ones who push p2p to spend. It’s a perpetual cycle.
P2p buy new shiny characters. F2p struggle for a bit, until they receive the means or figure out the means to defeat those characters. Scopely launches new shiny characters, more powerful than the others and the cycle begins again and again and again.
Mainly p2p spend to keep f2p down and at a distance because they know they can’t stop other p2p and it all boils down to a cash war.
Yeah, without the f2p, spenders have nobody to make them feel validated for their purchases.
Battling with other spenders let’s the buyers remorse settle that much faster. Which leads to less future purchases and quick decline in the interest in the game.

So, f2p are just cannon fodder. The fodder that feeds the spenders’ hunger.

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I (a spender) like playing with the fodder. Lol

Why I stayed with my faction instead of going to top.
Managed to help build them upto 3rd in region.

Well, you’re one of the rare cases.
I was like you before I went f2p. Although I don’t spend anymore, I’m still loyal to my faction.
I’d rather quit than go the mercenary way of going to highest placed faction.

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This is grammar class now? Lmao


Lol for you maybe. It’s far to slow. The ratio of f2p toons compared to p2p is BS.


We’re not supposed to wait until everyone gets every toon from the 1st list…we’re supposed to have more toons released so people can use different chars on ofense/defense while they work towards more potential ascendable ones. (side note, there are cash only toons that us F2P will never have so we CAN’T really wait around)
You must really enjoy seeing Mira/Carl/Erika leads over & over & over & over. :unamused:


So everyone has to have all the characters from the previous list before they start releasing the newer ones? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, you’re not expected to have all of them and there is no time limit for you to get and ascend them. Must be trolling because I’ve never seen someone complain about F2P ascendables being released too fast.

Spencer was on the list wasn’t he?

TLDR; Early - near the beginning

English isnt even my native tounge but what planet are you from?


I contradicted you, not supported your point, but oh well dat mental capacity.

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Not taking the bait here, really not sure if troll or just immature/stupid.

It does not change the fact that early 2018 came and went, scopely are late.


Thanks for the thread, gotta keep reminding em or else they start a new project. :slight_smile:

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