We want more WAR



Who wants more WAR, i do…:level_slider:


Needs some balance of A.O W. less solo stuff and for the hackers in c.r.w. to be DELETED

Maybe not cross regions wars change it to normal war

Nah I don’t I think onslaught is fine. War is too big time commitment for happening too often.


They could cut it down to a crw and aow happening once a month while other faction events like raids, level ups, and survival road happen in between. Faction Onslaught is a crw without the scouting and landmarks.

I hate the war of aow

CRW every other weekend is perfect fri-sun just like it is. What if like to see is a region blitz once a month. It would solve the situation where people want aow. Regions can die in an hour with people transferring out. Best solution for a happy medium is a kid week blitz for 24 hours once a month


You must not have the same crw experience as most with hackerz… Give me aow at least then u aren’t facing Russian and spanish hackers who wipe full s9 factions in 2 minutes and go unchecked…


I’ll be cool with CRW every other week with one or two Blitz war a month.


24hr blitz once every 2 weeks please :smile:


Scopes figured out we can farm from blitz so they don’t wanna do that it would help the player base.


Why dont they do Crw one week and then AOW next week like its so simple.


Need better rewards like actual toons again…time for some member berries… Member Skylar…i member


Better if they changed the start time so it wasn’t always in the middle of the night for beginning and end in Europe.


hey hi :wave: is it possible for a faction to cheat on AOW i’ve heard of it but never seen it yet , thanks


War is the only fun thing left. Therefore they give it out in berry small doses


Alternate wars types is the best


Je suis carrément d’accord qu’il faudrait plus de guerre, trop de solo


CRW at first was intended to be the best event. Now it’s very boring and redundant because we have no balance between fighting our own region and fighting other regions. Placing top 20 every single war is not fun, especially since every other event gives garbage prizes, at that point, what are we even fighting for???