We Want Glenn Soon


In the original faction assault trailer, there was footage of 6* Glenn attacking a walker, which proves that he is likely functional, and he was leaked nearly 3 months ago. We Want him soon.


they decided to go with rick which quite rare and glenn is a common toon and probably will break meta if many people gets to have a new 6*. :thinking:


Agree with this post. I’m getting tired of waiting for Glenn just release him already. Enough with the Alert promos!!!


I think this post will be taken very seriously and players wishes here will be taken to the team.


Yeah, me too.


Shots fired pew pew pew


This 6* Toon will come out early 2018. And many others.


Still no F2P ascendable since Siddiq. Thanks Scopely.


Dwight and Wyatt…


Umm do I know you?


It doEsNt FiT tHE MeTA


Oh ok lol thought you were calling me out.


To Answer your question, I need him for my green team and
I will ignore the rest of your sentence. I don’t take any bets
from people I don’t even know :wink: