We want back 8vs8 war

Plz bring back 8vs8 war in regional wars. If needed, plz pile together some regions. Thx


I actually prefer 6v6.


I prefer 8v8 to as well for regular wars, 6v6 in blitz is fine during weekdays.

Although the 3 min scout overall improved both.

same here

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It’s always 8v8 except for dead/locked regions.

Really unfair to just change it to 6v6 without taking any input from region. Hate the waste of cans. On the subject, why even have regional wars anymore. Cross wars are so much more entertaining without the wait times.

6x6 please unless you let two factions team up, and join the 8x8 que.

Prefer they scale based on current region size.


I personally find CRW atrocious.

Bring back 8v8, 6v6 is for street basketball not a war.

??? Lol

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Why do you find CrW atrocious. You seem to prefer 6v6. I assume to fit Low region activity. Cross wars are amazing. Almost never a wait. We had a record number of wars and a record personal high score across my faction. Region wars are going to be a drag this weekend with 5 “active” factions in my region and quês being hard to get into.

Me and my deadass region needs 6v6

I find war to be overrated. It was fun in the beginning, when I had spare time and the prizes were more exclusive in compared to other tournaments. After a while, it just became who can coin the most repairs. Then came along RNG weapons which made raiding less fun, and now the rewards are the same as other tournaments. With less time and much better games to play, war pales in comparison on so many levels.

Nooo. 6 vs 6 please! 8 vs 8 only Cross región.