We want 4vs4 wars bring them in the game!


8vs8 and 6vs6 is to much for dieing and dead region’s 4vs4 would let more people play!


They should just change war to 1v1 and call it PvP event.


4v4 would be great if you could have multiple queues going.


Maybe in active region’s but in older dieing dead region’s even 4vs4 will take his to match. 3vs3 scrimmage wars would maybe be better.
Just wait death comes to all regions you’ll be wishing you’d been more proactive helping others.


Genius idea, but if you call it anything other than “Ultra-Blitz War”, people may catch on that it is really just a new version of raid…


If a region needs 3v3 and is referred to as dead, I don’t think the problem is war.

If that’s how your region is I’m sorry, maybe start on a new region because your basically playing in a private server.


No reason for a 4v4 lol …


I like this idea.

Say a faction can queue 2 or 3 teams of 4 would be interesting.
Active factions still get to play as well as inactive ones.


Our faction would split up if it’s 4v4. Nobody would be able to get in the que. Would have to limit factions to about 16-20. Might be a way to create more factions though.


That would be amazing! It would bring some fun back to war for sure.


No, we do not.


That is actually good idea, limit to 3 groups of 4 per faction and 4vs4 could work. It would allow smaller regions/factions to play and more active regions to have more wars+people in play (also those fillers in bigger factions that “contribute” would be forced to play to max, not just swim behind whales). Also it would allow more people to spend per hour scopely (I know you be reading dis).


I still think 6x6 with blitz rules is the way to go for region war. 8x8 for Crw but cut the matches down to 30 min as well. An hour is just way to long but I really do like the idea of 4x4 as a new weekday blitz war format. We could have a blitz every Wednesday. This would beat the crap out of having 2 or 3 level up’s a week in my book.


Sorry 8vs8 needs disregarding probably more dead\dieing region’s then active ones. Majority should win.


I like the idea of 4x4 along with having multiple teams fighting at once. Would certainly solve the issue of filling queues during dead hours, and it’ll allow everyone to participate during busier times. Win-win imo.


If Scopely can run multiple version of the war, that would be the best solution.

For the new and active regions, it can still be 88. But for dying regions like mine, it is not easy to fill even a 66 queue, especially during US night hours :frowning:


I think Scopely does this now by giving active region’s blitz wars and all others, level ups like this past week.


4 vs 4 war would be a true sign of decline in this game. To show growth you need biggger fights not shrinking fights. This idea will not attract more people, in fact I believe it would lead to more desertions. 6x6 is fine, but please no don’t drop below to 5vs5 or 4vs4, for our survival in this game.


How about a war where everyone in the faction that’s on can que up. And you can start the search with as many or as little on. So you can have 25 on 30 as n example.


I think 4v4 with the ability to que up 2 or 3 groups to a faction would definitely be nice for dead times or even blitz wars so everyone gets a chance to play equally. Kinda difficult to get 8 together late night/early morning when your faction is mostly in the same time zone. There’s usually at least 4 on at any given time if you have a slightly diverse faction though. I’m sure the Japanese region we saw in crw a few months ago would love it too. Fewer refills needed when there are only 4 targets for your 1 active account per faction.