We wanna faction assault event

New year is coming, all player want a gifts and presents. U can make faction assault event for us. It’s be good spets for closing this year.
Cheers, Dimas


Make it happen

Yeah what happened to the governor event with him as a boss instead of Negan?

I presume that they did some long testing, found bugs and have been struggling to resolve them ever since.

Lol, just kidding. They clearly just haven’t worked out a way to suitably monetise it enough.

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Seriously though, the issue that they are probably facing is that no-one is doing Faction Assaults any more because there is no point. Tara is worthless and the gear is expensive relative to the League Store or other methods of obtaining it. So there is little point in running them. Plus, knowing an event is on the cards, everyone is saving their tickets. My faction could run T6 almost 20 times based on our current hoard.

The other issues is S-Class characters. We’ve never run an FA since they were released, but I imagine you could probably do all 5 stages of Negan comfortably with a decent Priya, Pete, Raultio setup. But make it hard enough for the S-Class era and you screw over those who are still struggling to put more than a couple of S-Class together. I’d like to think some thought is going in to that too.

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