We the #PlayersUnited

And then comes S Class Priya. RIP RTS.


We need to hear a PU response to the S class fiasco that is about to drop.

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#pu expected priyas arrival after all the “good news” communications from the game update that was released yesterday

Players have wised up. They have either either broken their habit of spending or have lost interest in a game that doesnt show much respect for its players or are just following #staystrong

#PlayersUnited includes spenders and p2p and whales and f2p and every kind of type of player
Many have said they wont budge for Priya…because now we are being sold a chance to collect ice creams to get a toon to max and double to get an S class version.
The cost for an op toon has jumped dramatically.
Its crazy.

Some players will buy her (properly or otherwise) but thats not the majority.



Still enjoying that great small victory?

You know, the update where everyone gets a chance to pull some ants for priya to step on


I am actually haha. We already knew Priya would be insanely broken and I knew that I wouldn’t even try for her. They have to retaliate some how, this is how they’re doing it but my stance doesn’t change and my strike still stands, I’m staying United and strong against them the same as yesterday and the 4 months before that :grin:



Yeah “the community” did it

You can say good by to your 10k , since all the toons you get are 100% useless now . congregation , hope you will find a way out of this soon.

and people brought all those lovely reds right before priya was released
peow peow one shotted lol


I personally know people who lost their home, cars reposed and marriages broken … that was 5* era too

Four people in my faction have both s class toons … this will be the last war for many people…


Very true

Its ok, my car became useless after a few years too. I still enjoyed it while I had it

She’d 1 shot any color


everyone need reflect dmg mods now lol


Coast the wave

I’m still waiting on this improved communication, I’d think that would be the easiest thing for them to do.



Time and time again the easiest ones seem the ones scopely struggle the most with.

Hell @JB.Scopely has once again been conspicuous with his absence and continues to manage the community via exclusive line room as opposed to actively communicating with the wider community at large

Everytime it’s the same bs. “We hear you” and in the next breath “we don’t give a fck though”


Dude, he left yesterday because it wasn’t a healthy environment in the room because of the complaints about priya.


He left again? Imao


He was given shit on discord aplenty as well and responded with pithy emojis. It’s not in anyway conducive to a healthy environment. Call me old fashioned but I like my community manager to actually manage the community smh