We the #PlayersUnited

#so-called playersunited


Cool deal, I did the same and a lot more but I don’t belittle people on how they choose to try and be apart of it or support it considering there are many ways to support the cause then making phone calls.

We did make Scopely react, more than once but they also did their best not to touch anything PU related with a 10 foot pole. You seem to be Abit ignorant in knowing everything that went on like a lot of other people on here lately that can have a bigger mouth towards the players than culprit so I’ll let you do you and I’m gonna do me because I’m tired and so incredibly over this edgy cool idea that it’s awesome to hate on the movement that is trying to make a better game for everyone. Honestly, y’all are starting to deserve what Scopely does. I challenge any of you to try and make a difference in the game rather than just type on your keyboard and be argumentative against players. Opinions are fine, everyone has one. But I don’t have to believe your opinion when you don’t have most of the story.

The focus should be on standing together and making a difference.


We r in the present now and hopefully can change the future so lets try and focus on that with compassion, understanding and giving benefit of the doubt.

Now, can someone post me to the UK Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich, the spicy one please?


Agreed, we’re in the present now and a lot of work to be done so we can look forward to the future.

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And get me some Popeye’s chicken sandwich

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How many people are ready to stand together rather than against each other? You want change? Then you have to stand for it and together were stronger. Scopely runs this game, not the players. I think some people need to reevaluate where their focus should be. You have a culprit and it’s not each other, it’s not PC and it’s not PU.



New spokesperson for #PU. Already has done first speech. #howdareyouscopely

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I gotta disagree, it is up to individuals what they want to support or not.

Just because in certain people’s eyes the PU is something they may wish to support it may not be in others for valid reason but that we may not understand and because the notion seems silly to some to not support we don’t try to understand or ask questions.

I feel it’s a negative statement to make. I’m personally happy for customers to be happy to support or not to support, it’s a freedom, a choice that all should have, but shouldn’t be the only solution or way to ensure that customers are heard and listened to.

But that’s just me.

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I dropped an old meme joke to counter the troll post about Greta Thunberg.

Not everything needs to be overanalyzed.



Why did you say #Promises26? The promises thread Scopely posted had 5 main promises - which could be broken down into 23 individual promises.

You’re inflating the number of promises. Is this just a tactic to make Scopely look worse than they actually are or are you party to secret talks with JB, the Illuminati and the Templars?

The people demand to know!


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Don’t think it’s that at all, it has a msg that I didn’t agree with and as someone who supports the movement, just want to ensure anyone reading doesn’t think that the meme is a reflection of every person who supports the PU.

Thinks it’s more of a fair and reasonable response from someone who is part of the same ideology, but doesn’t share the same thinking on some points

26 refers I think, don’t hold me to this but I think it refers to the roughly 2 months eta that Scopely provided. I think. But failed and yes Scopely may appear to have fulfilled some of their promises, however their is not information on how long the rotation would be e.g. will we have the same 5* wheel for 1 year?

Also most of the promises shouldn’t be something a company ever has to promise to deliver… it’s standard that should be done, some of the features promised are some of the most easiest features to change and keep on top of through forward thinking, like knowing when to change the bins or if something runs out. So providing praise to a company who promise just to provide the basics is a bit sad, but that’s my opinion.

In addition the promises are illy thought out and requires consistency and constant change which is something Scopely are not practicing.

Furthermore, wouldn’t after 3 months it be more fitting for the customers to be asked “how are Scopely doing?” then them giving their own self assessment that again they can’t keep on top of or expand upon, especially the better communication promise?

Also I don’t think anyone can make Scopely look worse than they are, they do a fine job themselves as we can see from their continuous fundamental errors, lies, VP statements, poor customer service and customer engagement and attitude towards customers

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Yeah - I actually thought it was a reference to the 26th September pseudo-deadline.

But I think you may have missed that I was joking. I’ll try and make it more obvious next time. Maybe hold up a sign or something. Or actually be funnier. I’m not sure how high I want to set that bar.

Hahahahah, maybe a little laugh face or something. All good :+1: