We the #PlayersUnited

Road to survival is not ment to be fair, its some sort of survival of the fittest with a little bonus to those who got ressources (COINS). Nothing more, nothing less.

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We should raise the movement to the next level :
Do not s.p.end
Do not pull
Do not play any event

Eventually uninstall and wait here to see if improvements are made.

Because honestly this is utterly outrageous to see garbage toons and sheety offers come up as if PU had never existed.


I second that!


#playersunited :heart:. Keep strong everyone. Whether or not they want to admit it this movement is having a bit of an impact we just got to keep moving forward and keep supporting each other


Yeah, we got Romanov… lol

Come on Scopely, where are the good ascendables like Douglas, Eric and Donny? I really hope Maggie and Hershel aren’t big disappointments as well. :frowning:


What about account stealing By Scopely?

I have noticed that I’m not alone.
Lots of people with the same issue

Hershel is going to be a big disappointment. He will be exactly like his 5* version… 450 to one and revive 1…

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If they put his AR at 66 and has a decent AS he might be useable tho

They cannot steal what is theirs. Your account is not your account. It belongs to Scopely, you are simply renting it.


And the rent is too damn high!

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You can live in a basement for free or in a penthouse for some crazy money. No other options in this game.

Nah now they are always nerfing 5* rushes. So its more likely 350 to one and revive 1

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Years of heading down the toilet is not combated within a few weeks worth of time. But please keep on with your this day an age child like gotta happen in the second on the second mentality thats what works wonders…

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If there wasn’t anything wrong there wouldn’t be this many people standing together. #PlayersUnited
Let’s see some changes soon, worthy rewards and updated wheels will be a good start.


Mine are so much better.

Hopefully they’ll remove fast Kal from the wheels or at least some of them. He seems to be a staple in every wheel and most active players probably have at least 3 of him by now… lol


The problem is they don’t create enough toons to fill these wheels. That’s why they are always repetitive.

A big change this game needs right now is war toons. Sure I know, the top factions will win them but at least they can then be thrown into events and wheels. Also, you can guareentee the top 3 or whatever from war get the toons and then include the toons in a crate chance sort of like the level ups of the past for the rest of the ranks. This would bring some real excitement back into the game.

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#PlayersUnited #fixyourgame


Tick tock

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