We the #PlayersUnited

A group of dedicated players and community members have formed #PlayersUnited and would like to tell you our stance on current events, past transgressions and what we see as the future. I, myself have been affected by numerous events on numerous occasions and lost close friends, and enough is enough. I have realized I’m not alone and neither are you. At over 1,000 United we have members from free to play all the way to mega whale.

We are organized. We are passionate. We are strong. And this is #playersunited

We, the players of Scopely’s Walking Dead: Road to Survival, have become increasingly disheartened and alarmed at the direction the game continues to go in. Every day there continues to be more issues. There are major character releases with design flaws and bugs resulting in your customers buying characters that are not working as intended; more and more lackluster rewards; a lack of communication and overall major disconnect between Scopely and our community of players. The community wants to see active changes in the game. These include some general quality of life game updates; improvements in the rewards for all of the different achievement levels of play and most importantly a fun balanced game for all players. We are not asking for equality but for true appreciation of players regardless of level.

Our motivation for doing this as a community is the great divide between players who actively spend in the game and those who are free to play; p2p and f2p. In the past, players who were free to play had other avenues to still play at the top level with those who spent, by grinding for tournament wins, grinding for museum event characters and being able to get valuable characters from a five star token pull or depot. With the decrease in updates to the game’s general quality of life, the divide between players is drastically increasing. We need to close this divide. We need to do so in order to retain the player base of folks who feel like they can no longer compete and play at a comparable level.

Because of the above issues, we have compiled a list of improvements the game needs to actively make to enhance the gaming experience for all players:

  1. Update previous new features that after their initial push, have not seen updates in months to years. This includes but not limited to the following:

● The supply depot

● Survival road depot

● War crates

● The 30 day daily pass

● Basic tokens

● Weapon tokens

● Elite characters

● Prestige recruits tokens

● 5 star recruit tokens

● 4 star weapon tokens

● Helper Reward tokens

● Faction Assault

● Untimed museum collections

● Training grounds ascendable 5 stars

● Ascendable 4s to 5s,

● The premier wheel.

We are on generation S characters. Gen 2 characters should be available in other areas besides the premier wheel. These updates also should not be asked for by the player base but occur quarterly.

  1. Update basic gameplay for items including but not limited to:

● The world map

● Townhall and other buildings

● Town Size

● Player Level Cap

● Roster Space

● Daily Login Rewards

  1. More grindable characters.

  2. Legacy characters.

  3. Tournament prizes.

  4. Meta changes.

  5. Communication and compensation.

  6. Encouraging new players to play the game

This is a game many still actively enjoy and want to see continue to be successful. We write this in hopes Scopely will understand the severity of the Community’s issues and that we are serious in our concerns.

Our motives are not for selfish gains, but rather the community has chosen to join together in solidarity and are committed to preserving a gaming experience that we all appreciate.

This statement is from a collective of over 1000+ players in the community including members of the top 25+ factions in the game and top 100 players list. We stand united, and will utilize any avenue necessary until action is taken on the above items. It is time for players to have their voices heard and respected by the developer.

It is time to be…

#PlayersUnited #fixyourgame


Amen! #playersunited






Hopefully we all stick together and people don’t empty their bank accounts on amber




You have my support.



Official statement here. Had to get work out of the way and allocate time for a proper full response.


Mofo’s didn’t even hesitate to join this movement. We love this game and want to see it succeed.






I love this game and love the players here. Too many of my friends have stopped playing over the years because of issues like these. I want to see this game saved. Having JB be the voice of the players has definitely helped but we need more communication and more from Scopley. #playersunited


I want to add my feelings here. I feel that ftp players are being totally ignored. We rarely get legacies or good characters anymore. I realize that premieres and “the next best thing” are always going to happen, and truly I get it. If you pay you then you have a better team and you totally should. But as ftp you should at least have a chance and right now I feel we don’t. We finally get a free disarm and s class comes out. We get an event that gives characters and the maps are so hard I can’t get the characters, and even if I do I still wouldn’t make a dent in new teams. I love this community and this game with all my heart, but with the way things are going, I will soon be saying goodbye and leaving the game. It makes me so sad to say that as I have built my Youtube Channel on this and made so many friends through this that I could never replace. But at this point the game does not make me happy to play at all, and my happiness should be the first thing I feel when opening a game for entertainment.


Agree 100% #PlayersUnited







Time for a change, Scopely. #YourMove


#playersunited #fixyourgame glad to be part of this


It’s about time. 100% agree, we are in this together.



Hopefully everyone appreciates what is occurring right now after years of asking whales to step up.



Fix your game.


Sorry guys this will never work I’m all for change and stuff but we all know the deluxe supreme whales will never stop spending and that’s all Scopely cares about at the end of the day