We still need gear

This is beyond silly. With all the level ups, it’s impossible to keep up on gear. 6* gear…forget about it, even 5* gear is becoming impossible to save. Please stop preventing us from using our characters. We need gear to play the game.


Wish they would bring back the gear in the museum. I recall it being mentioned that they would keep doing that despite the league store…

I’m stockpiling 5* tier 3s

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What you talking about Willis? They got your gear covered right here. Only $99.99.

Now, that’s a bargain! :smirk:

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I guarantee they see these threads and say, “See? Demand is sky-high. Let’s keep starving them until those gear offers meet their sales targets.”

They don’t consider for a second the players that say, “Screw this, I’m out.”

Dang, the limit is just 1, make it 10, or a 100 :+1:


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So for the low price of $100 you can level 2 6*'s to 4th tier. Sweet deal makes me want to buy it. Never will I ever buy gear!


The fact there is such a lack of gear makes me truely wonder why im playing a game (and holding out hope that it will get better) that doesnt even allow us to use our characters because we cant level them lol.

Its so bizarre. Its like a weird science experiment to see how much below par treatment we will all tolerate and endure before we quit lol. Gotta laugh or cry right :woman_shrugging::joy:


It’s beyond silly how they are handing us 1 piece of gear at a time…hiking boot here and there…and these character maps that cost way too much energy with the same topo map and a rng box doesn’t help. The league store is not a primary way to get gear. And forget faction assault. The cool down time I’m between and the small amount of markers buys maybe 1 or 2 pieces a month. Stop giving us hiking boots as a milestone and give us real gear…not rng bag. How about 6x gauntlets…and PLEASE stop giving us radios and watches for war. I almost wanted to place less to get the small gear bag. I have 40+ watches and radios and 5 gauntlets.

Quit I have…

I pulled 6* Yvette today and honestly didn’t care. Few months ago, I would have screamed. Not anymore.

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I spent 14k coins yesterday and only pulled an ivanova and my 635th glenn. Usually id feel like rage quitting then it hit me i cant even take them up if i did happen to finally pull a promo toon so yeh i feel that not caring anymore thing :joy:

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That’s a sale that I think I won’t mind missing out on.

I would love to talk to the people who have zero problems spend-ing so much money on pixels. I find it fascinating.


“A fool and his money are soon parted”


Sometimes I get hyped for being able to get Princess because I can probably fit her really well into a defense team.
But then I remember I don’t have enough tough gear for Negan.
Or Koa.
Or Connie.
Or Glenn.
Or Aaron.
Or Kelly.
And all of the hope in me just dies.

Honestly, maybe me missing Fedoraboobs was a good thing…

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the gear offers just keep rushing in ahahaha

Omg. Some people probably buy that stuff :frowning:

I have 8 characters sitting at T3, waiting to be upgraded. The league store is the only reliable source of gear lately, so I decided to work out how long it will take to upgrade using that.

You need 18600*2+6000*6=69200 league tokens for each character. I get about 10k tokens per week, so it will take 7 weeks just to upgrade one single character. To upgrade all eight it will take 56 weeks, over a year! That’s insane!

And that’s not counting all the lower level six stars and acsendables I have. Once you throw those in, we’re up to 2 years to upgrade everything. This gear lock means most of the fun and exciting new characters I get will simply never be viable. And that’s a pretty shitty game experience. :frowning:

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Actually you cannot. Because you get only 10 whetstones, double holsters, hockey masks and bandoliers. But you actually need 12 of each.

This has bugged me quite a bit. Most of these offers don’t even give enough items. Most of the times you still need to have some items lying around. And that even though these offers are so highly overpriced.

Funny thing is it’s not just driving f2p players away but p2p players are quitting because of the gear shortage as well… tossing Bill’s to get the toons is 1 thing but tossing more Bill’s to use them is just pushing them to quit.